FarmHouse Fraternity's motto, "Builder of Men," is best explained by the four-part approach we take to building our members: men must have a strong spiritual foundation, be intellectually keen, be adept both socially and morally, and value physical wellness. While great strides can be made in these four areas during one's time in college, members know that the true process of building men is more long-term; in reality, the building of men is never finished and is best viewed from a life-long perspective.


At K-State, FarmHouse members are active in campus ministries, participate in bible studies within the house, and regularly attend churches in the community. The chapter holds various events throughout the school year with the goal of spiritual development. Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." FarmHouse members strive to positively influence one another as they proceed throughout college.


FarmHouse consistently ranks at the top of the fraternity grade rankings at K-State, having achieved an all-house average G.P.A. of at least 3.25 for ten consecutive semesters. Notably, FarmHouse remains one of the few fraternities at K-State to not set required study hours for new members. FarmHouse offers a 24-hour quiet educational wing, and in a house full of 62 men, members can always find a brother to help them academically.


Chapter members participate in numerous date parties and functions with sororities throughout the academic year. Through various philanthropies, holiday dinners and Greek-wide events, FarmHouse men meet a wide variety of individuals from across campus each year. FarmHouse prides itself on its impressive showing in Homecoming and Greek Week, and all FarmHouse on- and off-property social events are dry.


The chapter places a high emphasis on physical well-being. Members are active in nearly every intramural sport, and meals at the house are structured to provide members with a balanced, nutritious diet during their time at K-State. Whether playing a backyard game of basketball, going for a jog with a brother, or competing in the chapter's annual ping-pong tournament, physical fitness and health is a priority at FarmHouse--and members have a good time in the process.