Building Update

The first pictures are the most recent. These pictures are from the Fall of 2018, Spring of 2019, Summer of 2019, and Fall of 2019. In the Fall of 2018, Utilities were partially moved and dirt work was completed. In the Spring of 2019, Concrete was poured for the addition to the parking lot. In the Summer of 2019, the entry way to the new parking lot was poured. In August of 2019 and September or 2019, the utility move was completed and the parking lot was completed. The basketball court was removed in September of 2019.

Construction Update

The Building Committee met with BHS Construction and BBN Architects on June 14th, 2019. BBN had the 50% schematic design review and all is progressing well.  The timeline right now is for the architects to finish up the schematic designs by mid July (meaning all that is left is the detail drawings) and at that point BHS will take everything out to bid with expected start of construction date being mid to late August.

On June 26th, the Building Committee, Association Board, and Capital Campaign Committee met at the chapter house to discuss the 50% schematic design review. It was a time for the Building Committee to have more eyes and ears look and listen about the progress and plans for the renovation.

On August 5th, the electric utilities began to be moved. This has now been completed. As you may recall, for many years the lines have been overhead at what was once the west most portion of the property. To build the new addition and complete the parking lot, these lines have been put underground. This involved running a new power line from College Heights, north along the property line to the new parking lot and all the way around to the meter on the back of the house. The gas meter has been relocated and we are now watching the parking get completed.

Immediately following the Groundbreaking, the basketball court was removed to make way for new one that will tie in nicely with the new addition.

Construction Plans

The current timeline is as follows. The parking lot addition as well as some utility relocation (electricity and natural gas) will be finished this summer. The building committee is managing this work directly to try to save some cost on the project before the larger construction project begins this fall. In late August or early September of 2019, BHS will begin the construction of the new wing. In May of 2020, the existing house remodel will begin. The project is projected to be complete by July 2020.

Below, some of the major facets of the project are listed

New Additions 

• Seminar room 

• Laundry room 

• Library 

• New bathrooms for men and guests 

Remodeled Areas 

• Expanded dining room into existing Ed wing 

• Convert existing rack rooms into new study rooms 

• Rack rooms for up to 74 men 

• Convert president’s room bathroom into infirmary/guest room 

• Convert president and business manager rooms into conference room 

• Reconfigure entrance to “the pit” 

Please find some of the construction plans below. These are not the final plans as the Architect and Building Committee are still working through the final touches and design elements. However, they should provide a general idea of what the major improvements to the chapter house will be.

Upper Level

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Lower Level

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Building Committee

The Building Committee is comprised of 1 active member and 4 alumni members.

Eric Brunkow ‘08- Project Manager

Josh Adrian ‘01- Public Relations Manager

Luke Schooler ‘03- Construction Manager

Blake Bauer ‘01- Finance Manager

Sam Wohler ‘18- Chapter Manager

Inquiries about Construction

Please direct all inquiries about the project to Josh Adrian. His email is and his phone number is 785.556.7491.

Capital Campaign

Thank you to everyone that has donated to the renovation and expansion of the Kansas State FarmHouse Chapter House. The capital campaign has been very successful evidenced by exceeding our fundraising goals. Your gifts demonstrate your gratitude to Kansas State Chapter and your desire to ensure FarmHouse is able to continue building quality men.

Given the generous response to date, we have decided to end the campaign on July 31, 2019. We want to remind you that all donors pledging at least $2,500 will see their names on a prominent plaque displayed in the chapter house. If you have not yet given or want to have your name in the FarmHouse chapter house forever, now is the time to give. Don’t miss this opportunity to leave your mark on FarmHouse. 

To make a gift to the Building Men for the Next 100 Years capital campaign, visit our online giving pages at and Gifts to the FarmHouse Foundation are tax deductible. Gifts to the Association are not tax deductible.

Inquiries about the Capital Campaign

Please direct all inquiries about the Capital Campaign to Campaign Chairman Don Ferguson. His email is and his phone number is 303.324.8356.